*been too nervous to approach her?
*consumed too much alcohol in pursuit of her?
*wondered why she lost interest in you?
*wanted to win the online dating game?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must read:

The Confusing Muse

ISBN 0-9720870-2-8

“I made every mistake possible with females.  Some mistakes I made numerous times.  I wrote this book to teach men of all ages how to eliminate those mistakes and improve their chances of success.  Learn from my mistakes and you’ll increase your success with females and overall happiness.”

–M. Hawkins

There are many books, DVDs, online sites, and seminars marketed as guides to meeting women.  Because of its honesty, The Confusing Muse will be the only item that fathers will share with sons, brothers with brothers, sisters with brothers and friends with friends.

Most guys will think they don’t need to read this book.  Their egos won’t allow it.  But most men know they have to read it.”

–M. Hawkins

This is the part of marketing material that contains fake names from real cities with made up quotes extolling the virtues of the item being advertised.  Similar to this:

“I never had so much success with females until I read this   book.  Thank you, Confusing Muse!  Now I have plenty of dates.”

Paul H.
Miami, OH

Thanks, Matt.  I did exactly what the book told me to do.  And guess what?  She just left after spending the night!  Can’t wait to see who I meet tonight!!

Tim C.
Paris, TX

Wow!  I’ve bought the books and gone to the seminars of all the PUAs.  The best investment I ever made was buying this book! I’ve never gotten so many numbers!!  And dates!!!

O. Ross
Toronto, Canada

How about that?  There are things in this book even I didn’t know!!

H. Hefner
Los Angeles, CA

But we’re not going to do that.  This is an honest and insightful book written by an honest and insightful man.  This only angle in this book is there is no angle.  If you want to be the best you can be at meeting and dating women, you need to read this book and follow the advice.

The Confusing Muse is available in eBook form. The valuable information in this book is a great bargain at the low $9.99 price.  Use this Amazon link to order your copy now:

Interested in the genesis of The Confusing Muse?  You can read the book that motivated TCM.  Under a Cuban Sky details Matt Hawkins’ amazing first trip to Cuba and his adventures from one end of the island to the other.

“Experience, when it cannot be communicated to another, must wither within and die, and be worse than if lost.”

–from the book’s back cover

Matt’s unique experiences were definitely not lost.  You can share his experiences and learn where and why The Confusing Muse was born.

Warning:  This book contains strong sexual content and adult subject matter.  Do not read this book if you are a minor or are easily offended by sexual discussion and/or sexual literature.

–from the book’s front cover

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Under a Cuban Sky